Policy Positions


I believe every citizen has the right to choose how to move around. Whether you walk, cycle, drive or take transit, you should be able to do so safely, responsibly, and without harming or impeding others, or our environment.


The Lower Mainland is becoming known for our world-class transit and active transportation networks, and progressive planning for future transportation networks that will effectively mitigate congestion, and serve our growing needs.

But improvements haven’t been evenly implemented across the region, nor have they always addressed our greatest issues, such as congestion at interchanges and water crossings, and lack of safe access to rapid transit for all users.

There’s no magic bullet to solve these problems. We know that you can’t build your way out of traffic congestion. Third crossings and left turn lanes are not going to help in the long run. The only way to continue on the right path is by giving people options that help them move around in the most efficient way given trip purpose. This leads to a reduction in single occupancy vehicles, creating more space for those driving.

Both provincial and federal governments are finally showing a willingness to bring real change – actual strategies, more funding and true collaboration with cities regarding transit. I believe CNV is well-positioned to inspire more action and collaboration with all levels of government to provide greater transportation choice and reduced congestion for everyone on the North Shore.

More reasons to Vote Valente — Tony will:
  • Provide complete transportation connectivity and accessibility for all users of the new Harry Jerome Community Rec Centre and throughout the City
  • Integrate Harry Jerome with the regional transportation network in conjunction with Phase 3 of the Mayor’s Plan
  • Promote transit self-sufficiency on the North Shore by bringing the bus depot back
  • Support active living by bringing electric bike share to CNV


I support making a strong push for policies that encourage more housing options for everybody — moving beyond remedies like taxation.


There’s no doubt that discouraging speculation and the number of empty homes is critical to addressing the affordability crisis.

However, looking to the past is only part of the solution to normalizing housing costs and encouraging growth in the rental market.

For too long, we have assumed that owning a single-family home is everyone’s goal and that it is within everyone’s means. This is unsustainable on the North Shore — we’re seeing a hollowing out of neighbourhoods in West Vancouver and in the District.

In the City, we have done much better at diversifying home types and growing our population; we built new high-density units along transportation corridors which, due to coordinated effort with the provincial government, will soon be activated by more and better transit services.

Today, new projects are coming to Moodyville, and our zoning bylaws support gentler densification, resulting in neighborhoods that retain their character and stay within reach of everyday people.

To build the kind of city residents want to live in, we also need new housing options. We should encourage and support more purpose-built rental projects, non-market co-housing and co-operative housing for people on low and fixed incomes, like seniors and students. We also need to leverage rental-only zones, and take every opportunity to integrate rental housing with commercial areas, such as retail and office developments — just like they do in some of the most vibrant and livable cities in the world.

More reasons to Vote Valente — Tony will:
  • Adhere to the Guiding Principles, Goals & Objectives of the CNV Official Community Plan, our city’s development blueprint, by eliminating ‘horse trading’ with developers that results in ad hoc zoning variances
  • Encourage more co-ops, social & co-housing by tapping into newly emerging federal and provincial government subsidies and municipal tax breaks
  • Support ongoing, increased density in transit-friendly neighbourhoods
  • Increase the creation of new parks, non-market housing, and seniors & childcare facilities, by requiring more community amenity contributions from developers

Public Spaces

In small, culturally diverse and vibrant cities like CNV, I believe the importance of public spaces to livability is on par with transportation and housing.


We don’t just want to commute from here — we want to be able to enjoy a wide range of entertainment, recreation, and relaxation opportunities within our own city, and to attract visitors from around the region. We want to live here!

Public spaces mean community. Public spaces mean economic opportunities. Public spaces mean expressing and celebrating the lifestyle of the North Shore, and all it has to offer.

However, public spaces don’t happen on their own. Over the past decade, it has taken some leadership and heavy lifting to revitalize our public spaces around Lower Lonsdale, and although this has breathed new life into our city, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are not only endless, they must be explored, or we risk becoming like any other city — overly dense, anonymous and unfriendly.

Most of our public spaces today — like the Civic Plaza, the Shipyards and Harbourside — are defined by concrete forms. I believe I am not alone in wanting more green space in the city, like small parks, playgrounds and community gardens to offset urban development that results mostly in hardscape.

Living, moving and playing go hand-in-hand-in-hand, and I am focused on making the City of North Vancouver a leader in natural public spaces.

More reasons to Vote Valente — Tony will:
  • Require more green space than originally present for re-developments
  • Ensure inclusivity of the new Harry Jerome Community Rec Centre by ensuring complete accessibility of all lands and buildings to all residents and visitors
  • Explore more, new active living options, like dog-friendly spaces and skate parks
  • Support green pass-thru connections between streets for pedestrian use, pocket parks, and greater transit access

Jobs & The Economy

I believe the City of North Vancouver can only be a complete community if our residents have more opportunities to work closer to home. A strong local economy means a strong North Vancouver.


The last time the City updated its economic development plan was 2008. A sweeping effort, the plan made recommendations for keeping the City competitive via infrastructure investment, low taxes, and a business attraction strategy focused on significant public amenities and tourism.

Much was achieved, and now it’s time for the next step — council must revisit and revitalize this plan immediately to ensure existing businesses have the ability to stay and thrive in the City, and to continue to attract others to come to the city and employ our residents.

Dynamic, local economies do something very important — they reduce demand on our strained road network, reduce transportation costs and congestion across the entire region, and give us more time with family and friends.

More importantly, a local workforce gives back to the community, helping more local businesses thrive, and keeping our schools and parks clean and safe. Currently teachers, police, and firefighters are being forced out of our community due to affordability issues.

As part of a complete community, local business and local jobs are essentially a quality of life machine. I’m going to work hard to keep it running.

More reasons to Vote Valente — Tony will:
  • Revitalize the 2008 Economic Development Plan to focus on attracting and retaining jobs in engineering, bio-tech, and film
  • Advance a Workforce Housing Strategy for the North Shore, providing places for workers — especially those critical to our society and difficult to attract like teachers, police, paramedics and firefighters — to live in our community
  • Support measures like the Inter-Municipal Business Licence (IMBL) to reduce red tape and administration costs to construction and trades-related businesses, supporting affordable housing, as well as the City
  • Work with the Chamber to create and support business ‘clusters’, and physical hubs with access and amenities specific to the industry sector and clientele
  • Investigate possible tax incentives for small business classes most likely to produce future economic growth and support living wages for their employees

City & District Amalgamation

The City and District of North Vancouver should collaborate more closely. Let’s pursue the many avenues for greater cooperation that are possible today before we talk about amalgamation.


Doing more together is an opportunity to save money and do some things better, like making investments in regional transportation infrastructure and recreation.

However, the City has the most at stake in an amalgamation, so I want the facts. What are the financial implications for City taxpayers? We know that it is far more cost effective to deliver essential city services to our small, dense, residential, business and commercial centre. It simply costs more to serve the District’s large area.

Many of the issues we face on the North Shore cannot be solved in isolation, but amalgamation would appear to be costly to City of North Vancouver taxpayers..

More reasons to Vote Valente — Tony will:
  • Increase collaboration and build consensus on key issues like transportation and recreation between the City and the District of North Vancouver
  • Ensure the City of North Vancouver leverages its cash reserves for the benefit of its citizens

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